Get paid for your electronics at Padnos!

Every year many residents of Mason, Manistee, and Oceana County bring in electronics for disposal at the Household Hazard Waste Event (HHW) held the third Saturday in August. The rising costs of electronic disposal services has put pressure on the conservation districts to continue providing this service during HHW. Other local options of electronic recycling throughout the year have been a challenge for many landowners and residents. Luckily, this year brings a new light for getting rid of your unwanted electronics. Padnos has been a long-time metal recycling business located on U.S 10 between Scottville and Ludington. This year they are paying customers for certain electronic items. If you have computer towers, Laptops, cell phones, or mother boards, take them to Padnos and get paid! They also take many household items and will recycle TVs and monitors at a cost of .30 cents per pound. Padnos is open 5 days a week and certain Saturdays. We encourage all individuals to support your local business and recycle your electronics year around.