Stream Survey Results

On October 2nd, a team of ten volunteers went to three sites on the Little Manistee River to sample for macroinvertebrates. You might also know macro (able to see with your eyes) invertebrates (animals without a backbone) as insects, snails, crayfish, etc. We ended up having wonderful weather for the afternoon. The rain just missed us and it was the perfect temperature for getting into the cold river. 

Our goal was to collect over 60 specimens at each site. We ended up collecting over 800 total insects! Specific species will help determine stream health, and the more diverse the samples, the more likely the stream is healthy. The water quality is scored on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the best, 10 being the worst). The Little Manistee has averaged a score of 3.8 since 2017, this year the sites averaged 3.7. This is a very good rating and we hope to see the same results continued in the future.

Thank you to our Volunteers!
Wayne Anderson
Courtney Carter
Randy & Melinda Dougherty
Joyce Durdel
Abbey Hull
Dani McGarry
Armas & Rose Soorus
Casey Throop
Kathy Winczewski

If you are interested in volunteering for similar opportunities in the future, please email or call our office!