2020 Volunteer of the Year Awarded to Tom Bell

The Volunteer of the Year title goes to an especially dedicated volunteer who put in the most time or launched the greatest volunteer effort for conservation in the past year.

The 2020 Volunteer of the Year is being awarded to Tom Bell for contributing over 32 hours to projects over and above his Director duties. Tom’s approach is to just stick it out and “git-r-done” and he didn’t disappoint. Tom has been involved with the Board of Directors at the Conservation District for about a year and a half. He was appointed to an Associate Director position in 2019 for a few months prior to running for election to a four-year term in 2020. In addition to his Director duties, Tom went above and beyond in 2020 to help ensure that field projects were completed. He joined the staff in hand-seeding a steep bank along the Pere Marquette River to help control erosion issues. He also put in about 24 hours helping to carry out tree sale, and more time assisting with tree planting projects. With a shortage of helping hands in 2020, the Conservation District is very thankful that Tom was able to put in the extra time. Thank you and Congratulations, Tom!