The Mason-Lake Conservation District still has cost share available through the Michigan Ag. Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) to help farmers that are actively pursuing environmental verification. Farms that are one or two risk reduction practices away from verification are eligible to apply. All MAEAP projects approved for cost share will receive a 50% reimbursement, up to a maximum of $500 per producer. The following items are eligible for cost share:

  • Concrete pad for fuel dispensing and/or pesticide mixing areas
  • HDPE plastic or rubber liner used as secondary containment for fuel dispensing or as storage for pesticide and fertilizer
  • Stationary double walled tank for pesticide and fertilizer storage
  • Building modification; sealing or plugging drains, gutters for livestock barns, roofs for storage, etc.
  • Anti-backflow valve to prevent back-siphoning into wells and irrigation ponds
  • Mobile nurse tank
  • Plumbing extension for clean water or rinse water
  • Excavation/earthwork
  • Vegetation planting for buffers
  • Livestock fencing

So far during the 2019 Fiscal Year, we have helped cost share on many different practices for farms pursuing MAEAP verification. A farm can keep applying for MAEAP cost share until they reach the $500 limit. This has allowed some farms to use the cost share for multiple activities. The list below shows what the MAEAP cost share has been spent on so far.

  • A concrete pad for fuel transfer
  • Fuel and pesticide spill kits
  • Secondary containment liners for fertilizer storage
  • Warm season grasses for soil erosion prevention
  • Soil, manure, and water samples

As stewards of the land, farmers are protecting our water resources by implementing risk reduction management practices. If your farm is interested in becoming MAEAP verified and interested in utilizing this cost share to help with expenses with risk reduction practices, then please contact the Mason-Lake Conservation District at (231) 757-3707 ext. 5, for more information!

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