Rain did not keep people away from this long-awaited workshop. Over 50 people were in attendance on June 12th to learn about methods of successfully managing invasive autumn olive shrubs. Discussions and demonstrations were led by Vicki Sawicki of North Country CISMA and Conservation District Forester Josh Shields. An important take away from the presentation was that if we don't take the initiative to manage these invasive shrubs now, they will block out all new tree seedling growth and our future generations will not experience forests as we know them. 

Recommended management strategies vary depending on the density of the infestation and size of shrubs. Methods include hand-pulling small sprouts, tractor-pulling large shrubs, cutting medium sized shrubs and treating the stump with a small amount of the right herbicide (referred to as "cut-stump" treatment).

If you missed out, you can contact our office for guidance or view a very helpful handout on best management practices from the DNR found here: 

Olive Workshop June2019