Fall 2017 Tree Sale

Tree Sale 2017

The Mason-Lake Conservation District’s Fall 2017 Tree Sale Order Form is now available! Pickup is Friday, October 13th!

We will be accepting orders through Postal mail, email, phone call and in-person drop off through October 6th! Tree availability will be guaranteed for pre-order customers, but not necessarily on the day of pickup for those customers that do not pre-order, depending on order volumes. All other products will still be available on the day of pickup.

Tree Order Form Fall 2017 MS Word version

Tree Order Form Fall 2017 Adobe PDF version

Tree description page

To get on our mailing list contact us at 231-757-3707 ext. 5 or email us at dani.mcgarry@macd.org

4 thoughts on “Fall 2017 Tree Sale”

  1. Hi! We are new to Ludington and would like to know when is a good time to plant trees. We’d like to plant either a fruit tree or ornamental tree in our yard in town and don’t know if it’s too early (today is 4-22-17).

    Also, do you know when is best to begin planting ground cover, roses, bulbs and bushes in Ludington?

    Thank you!
    Marc and Suzanne Dietel

  2. Hi Marc, and Suzanne. Generally, throughout the dates of April 15th to June 15th is the best time to plant all types of trees. In Fall, you can get away with planting conifers in sandy, well-drained soils. This is because the roots need time to grow and develop before the ground freezes. Only conifers in loose soil are reasonably expected to be able to do this. Some people like planting conifers in sandy soils in the Fall because they don’t have to worry as much about initial survival in drought-y conditions.

  3. Hi Janice, our tree sale pickup is on Friday, Oct. 13th. You do not have to pre-order to be able to buy a limited selection of the trees we have available. Generally, it is best to plant trees and shrubs in the Spring, from April 15th to June 15th. Fall planting is recommended only for those people with sandy, well-drained soils who want to plant conifers.

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